Adrian Peckitt

Director Of Photography

Action For Children - MPH Films


Action For Children - MPH Films

Advert for children's charity Action For Children highlighting issues of domestic abuse for children in the UK. A child is moved into care for their own safety every 15 minutes.

Directed by: Sam Huntley
Produced by: Rupert Hall
Exec Producer: Sally Alekna
Production: MPH / Beetle
Production Assistant: Sara Kloc
1st A.D: Ben Loyd Holmes
2nd A.D: Sammy Lee
Director of Photography: Adrian Peckitt
Camera Assistant: Robyn Skead
Focus Puller: Matt Ferrant
Steadycam Operator: Matt Allsop
Grip: Samuel Ogunlana
DIT: Thomas Hellier
Sound Recordist: Majer Christian
Editor: Toby Conway Hughes
Offline Facility: Marshall Street Editors
Edit Producer: Beanie Goldsmith
Colourist: George Neave
Telecine Facility: Coffee & TV
Post Production Producer: Alannah Currie
Sound Design and Mix: Jack Hallett & Phil Bolland
Audio Post Producer: Lucy Spong
Audio Exec Producer: Lou Allen
Audio Post Production Facility: Factory
Composer: Jon Clarke
Music Producer & Supervisor: Sian Rogers
Music Production and Supervision: Siren
Agency: Arthur London
Creative Director: Lindsay McMorrow
Creative Director: Andy Kelleher